First off! Thank you so much for visiting with us! We love guests and making new friends! We hope to get to know you and have a chance to connect soon. So, a little bit about us. Elluva is a startup founded by Alex, Ben, and Harish in North Carolina. We are building cool software for local merchants to perform better marketing and have access to more sophisticated analytics. We are passionate about entrepreneurs and technology. That is because we are entrepreneurs with small businesses and we love how technology is connecting our world and making it more accessible. We are also very passionate about giving back to the world and finding creative ways to do it. That is how Inflict Joy was born. It is the very heart of all we do and all we aspire to become. We are currently doing a small beta test in the SF Bay area and a NYC neighborhood. We should be coming to your city soon! Please join us in our super hacker secret mission to make inflict joy.

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