Fast For Joy Day

November, 15 2012

Dear earthlings and creatures of the jungle,

On November 15th, we are kicking hunger in the face by going hungry!

Yes, we are fasting, and donating the money saved on food to feed hungry children all over the world. This is a galaxy-wide event and anyone can do it! What does it cost to eat everyday? A breakfast burrito in the morning, some chinese buffet for lunch, and some dinner and drinks with friends can cost a pretty penny. Maybe you can't fast all day, and that is totally cool. How about just skipping your most expensive meal of the day and donating that money?

The cost of feeding a child in the third world is relatively small and just fasting or skipping a meal or three can feed so many children. Any and every donation is awesome, but anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a 2012 commemorative Fast For Joy tee. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador and helping us spread the word please contact us.

Please join our super hacker secret mission in making the world a better place for our children.

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one" - Mother Teresa.

Inflict Joy!

Total raised so far: